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Quality Management System with over   90% feed back and satisfaction , CAFS is the most complete and trusted flying school.

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The School had visualized in becoming an academy in the development of successful aviators to successful aviators to meet the emerging global demand of the aviation industry in near future. The School aims to produce excellent aeronautic professionals that could excellently perform and serve the global aviation industry through the best level of instruction available in the country.

The New management team was organized on the third quarter of 2012 and designated & invested by CAPT. JITHIN J. BHADRAN to continue the legacy and contribute to develop Philippines Aviation Industry.  He is ably supported and complimented by competent staff that will assure the company’s vision of providing the best instructor pilots and competent mechanics to its students. We fly Cessna 172 for the training as students will be receiving best flight training with highest standards. Pilot Training starts from Cebu Int’l airport until we fly all over the Philippines for cross-country flights and even up to Manila and down to Davao.

  • Our flight training is based on strict standards implemented by ICAO and strictly, *no shortcuts*.
  • We are committed more onto *quality training* than quantity.

Academic Excellence

Pilot Proficiency 98
Proper Aircraft Maintenance 100
Experienced Academic Instructors 95
Constant upgrading and updating of curriculum 99
Quality Instructions 96
Standard grading system 97
Availability of modern facilities 95
  • We are the only approved Flight School in the Philippines who use Flight School Management System from Australia.
  • We are audited flying school with major Airlines from abroad. 

Contribution To High Qualified Pilot Demand:

This is where your Pilot Training starts and read about our company philosophy!

Our mission is to promote the value of learning, self-worth and quality performance among
students and staff, and transition of student to productive and responsible participation in the society.FAQs
To be established as one of the top aviation organization to provide training, knowledge and consulting services all around the globe for individuals and business societies with recognition by higher education and greater exposure.Our Program
Our administrative office opens at 8:30am and closes at 6:00pm daily. Sunday we are closed.  We recommend prior arrangement for services needed before and office hours.

Management Commitment

Continental Aero Flying School’s top management is committed to and deeply involved in the development, implementation and continual improvement of the company’s QMS as demonstrated by the establishment of processes that promote efficiency, effectiveness and customer focus as we ll as ensuring the availability of needed resources. 


Continental Aero Flying School has its Quality Management entire and has a reliable accountable person who could stand and lead the school to go far beyond horizon of the anticipated edge of its boundaries. The ATO as commanded by the rules and regulations of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines through in Accordance to CAR Part 3.2.2. on personnel.

Leadership is accepting people where they are, then taking them somewhere. - C.W. Perry

If you think you're leading but no one is following, then you are only taking a walk.

Our Valuable Investors

Capt Jithin J Bhdaran
Capt Jithin J BhdaranMajor Investor / President
He shall have the overall responsibility for ensuring satisfactory integration of flying training, synthetic flight training and theoretical knowledge instruction and for supervising the progress of individual students. he shall be responsible in supervising the Chief Flight Instructor and Chief Ground Instructor and other employees and also in the implementation of the Company’s policies in line with the goal of maintaining high levels of safety and efficiency.
Eun Hye Jin
Eun Hye JinInvestor / QM
The essential role of the CAFS as QM is to verify, by monitoring activitIes in the field of training and financing with proper business philosophy, that the standards required by the Authority, and any additional requirements as established by the CAAP as being conduct properly under the supervision of the Head of Training, Chief Flight Instructor and Chief Ground Instructor.

Our Valuable History

This is where CAFS History starts and feel about our school!


Message from the President !

By visiting our website, you are recognising that education remains one of the best investment anyone can make, and there could be no better time to pursue Pilot Training. Continental Aero Flying School launched at early 1980’s initiative this time-the goal of which is to enable more and more students to access and complete their Aviation Education. We hope you will find the academic, career, athletic and leadership opportunities you seek , here at CAFS.

Most of our students are aviation related and they would like to pursue their higher education in the Philippines as it is quite reasonable and pretty fast compared to other European and Asian countries. We wish to promote Philippine Aviation to foreign countries and we contribute to development in living standard of Asian countries through provide  high quality young pilots to help alleviate the pilot shortage being faced by aviation industry.

Our vision is to be a leading organisation to provide quality training, knowledge and consulting services all around the globe in the field of aviation for individuals and business societies in partnership with our strategic partners. We are proud of our students and their deep commitment to completing their education and improving the world in which we live. I hope you, too, will want to be part of our community, and I look forward to welcoming you on Cebu in Philippines.

Capt Jithin. J Bhadran

Our Valuable Team Members

Eleno Amores
Eleno AmoresVice-President
He shall supervise and has the authority over the operation.
Capt Tetsuya Sakurai
Capt Tetsuya SakuraiFlight Instructor
He shall supervise and has the authority over the other company pilots.
Capt Soriano
Capt SorianoCGIr
To keep up to date knowledge in respect of flying requirement and instructions issued.
Manuelito Esperanza
Manuelito EsperanzaAircraft Engineer
Assist Quality Manager for managing and developing aircraft maintenance programs.
RandyAircraft Mechanic
All necessary maintenance / A&P License holder.
Belinda E. Amores
Belinda E. AmoresChief Accountant
Provides financial information to management by researching and analyzing accounting data.
Mylen E. Boltron
Mylen E. BoltronAdministrative Coordinator
Provides Admission information to students and prepare and process all paper works in the school.
Atty Joseph Tanco
Atty Joseph TancoLegal Counsel
Related policy and regulations and legal consultant.
BerniceLiaison Officer
Related for Licensing and precessing and responsible for paper works in CAAP and NTC, ELP.. etc.

Strategic Partnership