The Philippines : Asia’s rising Tiger

Continental Aero Flying School is located one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines

Good Weather

The Cebu Island's weather promises to be good for flight training.

Perfect For Flight Training

Cebu’s weather promises to be good for flight training because typhoon activities are minor and rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. Moreover, the island is not located within any earthquake belt, there is no known active volcano, and int’l airport has been large enough to connect the island to several continents.

Main Center

Cebu is main centre of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas.

Queen of the Philippines

Even before the Spanish colonization, Cebu already played a vital role in trade and commerce in Asia because the island has been gifted with a natural harbor. Its channel is deep enough to accommodate the flow of goods through international cargo sea vessels, and the Mactan island serves as protection from winds and current.

World's 7th destination

Cebu is global hub for Air Transportation, tourism and heavy industry.

Popular Tourist Destination

Cebu is the 7th best island destination in the world such as Mactan Island, and Camotes & Moalboal, Bantayan islands… etc. In a decade it has transformed in to a global hub for Air Transportation, tourism, business processing services, and heavy industry.Overall, Cebu continues to excel and investors are drawn to Cebu. 

Queen of the Philippines : Best for Flight Training

Get the most valuable stay that had been offered by world                     class hotels and resorts around Mactan. Sipping the best of island fruit juices or country brewed coffee, feel relaxed and start dreaming of taking an awesome in flight experience in a private airplane or a helicopter…catch all the other services that we offer like scuba diving, snorkelling, mountain hiking, island hopping, parasailing, skydiving …through the bird’s eye and what more…??…the best of the island cuisine while cruising your imaginations……within your reach….have fun and rock your life……  Sky is the limit!!!

The island serves the needs of too many nationalities for it is surrounded by pristine beaches and catered by world class resorts and hotel as land marked by the famous international hotels, the Shangri-La , Hilton , Imperial palace Hotels. The flying school is so situated in this island where air traffic is not heavy but yet the airport is classified to be of international standard.  The weather is satisfactory year round for Pilot Training Courses, for it is not along the path of the typhoon belt that usually visits the North-eastern part of the Philippines Island that usually affects the training grounds of the upper North generally in Manila area, the capital city of the Philippines.

Why Continental Aero Flying School ?

Asia’s No.1 Flying School, with most complete and trusted flight training in the world aviation industry.

CAFS Technology

It’s commonly thought that new technologies can strongly help in Education.

Prepware School

Prepware School is the study and test tool that helps your students excel on all FAA Knowledge Exams. More than a “question and answer” recounting of test questions, Prepware School combines years of experience with expertise in working with the tests to prepare the most comprehensive and accurate test preparation materials available in the industry. No other test prep software provides better coverage of subject matter or explanations.

Flight School Manager

A revolutionary paperless flight school management solution engineered to suit one man operations right through to Australia’s largest flight training academies and now with Continental Aero Flying School in the Philippines. With full reporting functionality Flight School Manager ensures you remain informed in every aspect of your student’s training progress providing a booking outcomes report for each resource in the system ensuring operational decisions may be made in an educated and efficient manner.

Paperless Invoice System

Online Invoice System can help you to check your invoice and balance through log-in your email. You can simply bank transfer your tuition fee and send your receipt to Administration and Accounting Team through email ( and once we confirm with bank, it will automatically update your invoice and send you confirmation email. You can check your Invoice anytime with print anywhere.

Those Are Just A Few Main Services at Continental Aero

  • Picking up the students from Mactan Int’l Airport upon arrival.

  • Cebu Guide fo Freshman Orientation.

  • Special Aviation English Courses are optional.

  • Personal one to one flight training.

  • Free iPad-min is included in Commercial Pilot Training Package

  • Student Pilot Supplies with One Set Pilot Uniform included

  • We use quality aviation gasoline for all aircrafts.

  • State of the art equipments and maintenance services

  • Special Aviation English Courses are Optional

  • Honest and Courteousness. We prefer to do business honestly.

  • Accommodation arrangement services

  • Fully insured ; Students, aircrafts and pilots are covered by corporate insurance in case of accident or damage to the aircraft.

CAFS Pilot Program

Continental Aero Flying School’s top management established the QMS organizational structure to clearly define lines of authority and communication. Job descriptions define functions, duties, responsibilities, authority and qualification of individual personnel. Continental Aero Flying School top management ensures that communication between all levels and regarding the processes of the QMS are effectively implemented.

Continental Aero Flying School provides direction ot members of the School community for the maintenance of safety awareness in programs and within school facilities and for the promotion of wellness activities. The wellness in the workplace initiative will be established to promote physical activity, improve nutrition, and reduce stress and smoking. Committees at various centers will plan activities and events to encourage personnel participation in QMS program.

The School monitors information on customer satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction as one of the measurements of performance of the QMS. the methodologies for obtaining and using this information are by means of course and trainer evaluation, monitoring of gainful employment of alumni, and analysis of customer complaints.

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School Info Session

We Encourage our Students and Parents to have Personal One-On-One Tours!! Students are invited to visit the school facility prior to enrollment. The orientation also includes knowing the staff, instructors, and other pilots. You can also reserve or booking for info session to know more about Pilot Training Program. Click and reserve your visit! We will arrange schedule for you...
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