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With a Mile Of Runway, You Have The Whole World. 

On a mile of highway you can drive a mile, On a mile of railway, you can travel a mile. -ED Boleno

How to apply

How to apply

So, you’ve decided you have what it takes to become one of CAFS”s future pilots, you’ve checked the basic entry criteria and you would like to apply.

The application window for Airline Cadet Program  2014/15 intake will be open for a short window of time soon. Please keep update with our administration and upcoming event career for information. However, if you decided to apply for Modular Program, this window may open every month 1st and 15th. Therefore, we recommend you apply sooner rather than later. Anyone who has started, but not completed an application will receive 48 hours notice of the application window closing early should this decision be taken.

To apply, click on the ‘Online Registration’ button to the left of the sub menu on this page (left – please note: the ‘Online Registration’ button is only present when the window is open) which will take you through the the Application page. Please note: Airline Cadet Program application window will only be open for short periods each year – do not miss out on this opportunity as it may be some time before the next window is open.

As with any application, it is important that you complete the online form carefully and ensure you think through your answers properly. You may wish to log off for a while to prepare your answers and log back in when you are ready. However, keep in mind that the application window will not be open forever, so do not take too long! If you have started your application, CAFS Admin will let you know if they plan to close the window earlier than planned due to an overwhelming response. In which case, CAFS Admin will advise that you have limited time to complete your application.

Tips for completing your application

  • Before you start your application, please read all the material that’s available about the programme
  • Read through your application in full checking for any omissions or errors and perhaps ask someone else to read it through for you as well before you click ‘send’
  • Choose somewhere quiet to complete your form. Please make use of the save buttons.
  • Before submitting your application, please ensure all the sections have been completed
  • To ensure equal opportunity and fairness for all applicants, please do not discuss the details of your application or share your application responses with others. Discussing your application details and any of the subsequent assessment processes could advantage other applicants and potentially disadvantage you and may disqualify you from the selection process.

You’ll receive an automated response acknowledging receipt and your application will then be screened to ensure you meet the initial entry criteria. At this point there are 3 possible outcomes;

  1. You meet Airline’s and CAFS’s criteria and progress on through to the next phase, or
  2. You don’t meet Airline’s criteria but you do meet CAFS’s criteria and you will be offered the opportunity to apply to Modular Program (and possibly be selected to work for CAFS in the future as a FI or Charter Pilot), or
  3. You don’t meet either Airline or CAFS’s criteria.  Some people will unfortunately not meet the criteria and, therefore, will not progress further through the application process.  You will receive an email advising you of this decision.

Thinking positively then, if Airline Cadet Program applies you will have passed phase 1 of the selection process. The next step will be to attend an assessment day with CAFS. You’re on the right track to make your career fly with Airline.

If Modular Program applies, CAFS Aviation will contact you to progress your CAFS application further should you so desire.