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    In consideration of my admission to Continental Aero Flying School (CAFS) and of the right, privileges and benefits which an CAFS students may be entitled to, I hereby agree to recognize, accept and comply with the existing rules, regulations and requirements laid down by the administration on all matters. I agree, if accepted, that my admission, matriculation, attendance and graduation are subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the authorities of CAFS. I agree that CAFS reserves the right to accept me and that I waive any claim in case my application for admission / re-admission is denied. Training contents or hours may be revised due to the revision of CAAP regulations. In case you can not full fill the requirements or skill tests for any licenses and/or ratings within the training hours monitored above, you shall be required to fly additionally, for which you shall be charged separately on a per hour basis. Miscellaneous charges like CAAP examination fee etc will be shouldered by CAFS initially . In case of retake of any exams, you shall bear the charges payable in Cash. All students must be present 30 mins before the departure time for flight training and 15mins before the start of Ground classes & Simulator Sessions. Cancellations of the flights/classes can be only be done 24 hours prior to commencement. Late cancellations or no show will be be penalised on a per hour basis. Late payment of school fees are subject to 1% interest per month which will reflect on the invoice. Training costs per hour includes Pre and Post flight briefing, Instructor fees, Take-off and Landing fees, Operational and Aeronautical charges, Insurance (Pilots, Passengers,Hull and Third party) *