Accommodation and Food is not included in the tuition fee. however, we offer student accommodation options to choose.

Please contact Administration Team for arranging your accommodation.

Training goes good as the student’s academic progress. The normal duration for PPL is 4-6 months and CPL is 12-15months, IR & ME is 1-2 Months  for favourable weather. Provided, students need to clear their exams in first take and fill the dues as well as weather condition & paper works.

A maximum of 6  and a minimum of 4 students per batch.

We have criteria of students that we accept in our school. Our rigid-pre-screening acceptance procedure ensures that we identify and accept students who have the potential to succeed in our training and development programs.

Check out Requirements

Lower price correspond normally to lower quality of education due to inexperienced flight instructors, less aircraft and  maintenance standards, and less benefits they offer.

We fly Cessna 172 for the training as students will be receiving best flight training with highest standards. Pilot Training starts from Cebu Int’l airport until we fly all over the Philippines for cross-country flights and even up to Manila and down to Davao which can’t do with C-152 and C-150.

C-152 is phasing out already and limited availability of parts and the shipping time from States, Flying 172 (4 seater) is a much better option and we fly for training only Cessna 172.

The truth is our prices are quite reasonable considering the overall benefit a student can get.

Investing in good education rather than just getting a pilot´s license is a wise decision.

We can’t compromise quality and safety.

We provide our clients a straight-forward total cost of the program that allows effective financial planning for students, parents or guardian.

Pricing subject to change without prior notice.During times of high fuel costs, a fuel surcharge may apply in the  future.

Prices quoted in Philippines Peso so we advise you to convert the Peso to your Currency.  Accounting Department will update each every student.


All instructional activities are handled only by Head of Training(HOT) and Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) who met our established criteria. The Top Management, Accountable Manager & Quality Manager, Head of Training go through a specialised training and are required every year to undergo a continuous education program, enhancement seminars, and proficiency assessment that they will be checked by a CAAP certified Inspectors.

Our training fleet is extensively used only for students, who wish to finish their programmes faster.  However, we arrange periodic charter flights with our sister companies who use well maintained Airplanes and Helicopters for sightseeing, island hopping via air, presidential flights and all.

Our fleet is maintained in accordance with the aircraft manufacturer´s recommendations and limitations. Qualified A&P technicians conduct maintenance check and periodic inspections before each and every flight, where safety is the first and foremost.

We maintain our Airplane with AMO company which approved by Civil Aviation of the Philippines as per the regulations and rules.

The school maintains sufficient number of aircraft for any kind of flight operations including immediate emergency flights.

Our fleet of  Cessna 172 is used for our flight training program.

Students are invited to visit the school facility prior to enrolment.  The orientation also includes knowing the staff, instructors, and other pilots (veterans).

The Continental Aero Flying School was granted a permit to operate as a Pilot School with CAAP, Aviation Training Organization Certificate No. 84-11. The flying school also graduated numerous number of pilots, both locals and  foreign nationals, who are serving/and had served major airliners around the globe.

The Continental Aero Flying School had been operate company since 1980. Our service and constant  improvement to adopt the latest technologies, our quality and productivity increased tremendously thus increasing our financial stability as well.

We are not fully depending on the flight school for our growth as we sacrifice ourselves for quality training.

Mactan- Cebu International Airport (RPVM) has complete facilities of an international Airport with more than 100 flights a day by world’s leading airline companies and general aviation airplanes. The airport operates 365 days a year .

About Mactan-Cebu International Airport 

The school missions to provide quality training to students and pilots who will serve the Aviation  industry. Our reputation and respect was earned through the students we produced who are now successfully hired by corporate and airline companies.

About Us

The Continental Aero Flying School had been operating since 1980; is a joint venture duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission since 1986.

In 2012, Continental Aero Flying School decided to restart their flight operations, wherein more capital investment was poured in to make it as the best flight schools in Asia. Finally, the much awaited dream has become a reality, a school envisioned to be constantly guided by the principles of highest quality and utmost professionalism, affording its graduates the competency and bright future in the field of aviation.

About the School 

Limited class intakes, competent pilots and mechanics, one on one training and not more than 6 students per batch.

  1. Picking up students from Mactan Int’l airport upon arrival.
  2. Cebu Guide for Freshman Orientation.
  3. Special Aviation English Classes are optional (Separate Course)
  4. Personal one to one flight training.
  5. Free Simulator training for 5hours
  6. Student Pilot Supplies with Pilot Uniform.
  7. Demo flight for fresh student and parents who enrolled.
  8. We use quality aviation gasoline for all aircrafts.
  9. State of the art equipments and maintenance services.
  10. Honest and Courteousness. We prefer to do our things honestly.
  11. Accommodation arrangement services.
  12. Fully insured ; Students, aircrafts and pilots are covered by corporate insurance in case of accident or damage to the aircraft.

Why Choose Us

Enrolees must be 17 years of age for Private Pilot Course and 18 years of age above for Commercial Pilot Course, Physically fit as certified by a medical doctor and must have basic skills in both oral and written English. If you are above 17-18 years old and graduate high school, you are fulfil with basic qualification.

What about the hight & weight? I used to get this questions from applicants. There is no such kind of qualification needed to become a pilot regarding hight & weight.

Even if you are fat or slim & tall or small, Definitely you are going to manage yourself to be a good pilot. Do not worry about the present, just do very best for better condition while you undergo training.



  1. At least / Above 17-18 years old.
  2. Must pass 2nd class airman medical test for Private Pilot License.
  3. Must pass 1st class airman medical test for Commercial Pilot License.
  4. Proficient in English Language.
  5. At least high school graduate
  6. Have good moral Character.
  1. Submit or email CAFS Application form
  2. Photo Copy of Passport
  3. Affidavit of Support
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Police Clearance
  6. Transcript of Record

The Academy is dedicated to the career-oriented pilot, and our admissions requirements are based on airline standards. Airlines and corporate flight departments know of this dedication and recognize CAFS graduates as some of the most well-prepared and competent pilots and Mechanics. Because of our reputation for having such high standards, our graduates are often the most sought after newcomer pilots in the industry.

The CAFS owns and operates one of the best training fleets in the industry.

Our flight training is based of strict standards implemented by ICAO  and strictly, *no shortcuts*. We are committed more onto *quality training*than quantity. We also have a maximum number of students accepted per batch. Normal PPL Training takes 2-3 months approximately and CPL programs with Cessna-172, more students are enrolled in C-172 as the whole CPL/IR program can be finished in 6-8 months time.

C-152 is phasing out already and limited availability of parts and the shipping time from States, Flying 172 (4 seater) is a much better option and we fly for training only Cessna 172.

When you train with our school; you receive the same high-quality training selected by many of the world’s leading airlines and corporate flight departments for their active pilots. If you want to be a professional pilot, train where professional pilots train. You will be taught tough to the extreme in flying.

CAFS judges its success by your success. We want nothing more than to ensure you are the best and most professional pilot by the time you graduate. That’s why we provide comprehensive career assistance to graduates and alumni through a number of programs. In addition to one-on-one career planning and placement assistance, we offer workshops and seminars on interviewing techniques and résumé writing. Airexpat also sponsors a guest speaker series and informational meetings with aviation industry insiders. Furthermore, our Career center maintains a current list of job openings and a library of hiring requirements and applications for corporate/charter operators. We do this for one reason: to prepare you for the career you’ve always wanted. But you have to prove, you got quality training.

CAFS setting offers several advantages, for your neighbourhood flight school probably can’t provide. Because we are located in Mactan-Cebu Int’l Airport ,CEBU, you benefit from ideal flying weather year round, day and night. Furthermore, the club has the advantage of having a huge dedicated group of strategic partners where one of our branches is planning to buy our own airport(uncontrolled) in the island of Camotes, just 20mins flight from Cebu in our Bonanza A36.

Mactan-Cebu International Airport