With Amazing School To Build Awesome Flying Experience

Continental Aero Flying School is recognized for providing safe, state-of-the-art ab initio training for those aspiring to become pilots. School is committed to providing our cadets with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them safely and efficiently fly aircraft for commercial airlines around the world. Our pilot training programs are taught by hands-on, expert instructors who bring real world experience into the classroom learning environment. Our classrooms and flight training facilities are equipped with the latest technology, applying the latest industry guidelines and regulations.

Each Phase of training is supervised to ensure safety is never compromised. In fact Continental Aero Flying School is the first  flight school network in the Philippines to operate with Flight Management Systems and iPad-mini, Online Examination, Document Management System, HRM. These systems record data, audio and video during flight and are important new additions to CAFS Safety Management System (SMS). Upon completion of training, we work with each cadet to help them gain employment. As a training leader in the industry our pilots are sought after to join airlines located around the world.

The School is strategically located in the heart of the Republic of the Philippines in the island of Mactan-Cebu linked by two beautiful bridges from the main land of the bustling Cebu, a tourist destination known around the Asia-Pacific region and around the world for its pristine and gorgeous beaches and friendly people.

The best reason to start an organization was to create; meaning-to create a product or service that could make the world a better place. in the mid 80′s there was a group who envisioned of establishing an aviation school that will develop, train and produce world class pilots.

We continued creating wonderful aviator’s until 90′s and decided to restart our flight operations to make it as the best flight school in Asia. Finally, the much awaited dream has become a reality, a school envisioned to be constantly guided by the principles of highest quality and utmost professionalism, affording its graduates the competency and bright future in the field of aviation.