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The Academy is dedicated to the career-oriented pilot, and our admissions requirements are based on airline standards. Airlines and corporate flight departments know of this dedication and recognize CAFS graduates as some of the most well-prepared and competent pilots and Mechanics. Because of our reputation for having such high standards, our graduates are often the most sought after newcomer pilots in the industry.

The CAFS owns and operates one of the best training fleets in the industry.

Our flight training is based of strict standards implemented by ICAO  and strictly, *no shortcuts*. We are committed more onto *quality training*than quantity. We also have a maximum number of students accepted per batch. Normal PPL Training takes 2-3 months approximately and CPL programs with Cessna-172, more students are enrolled in C-172 as the whole CPL/IR program can be finished in 6-8 months time.

C-152 is phasing out already and limited availability of parts and the shipping time from States, Flying 172 (4 seater) is a much better option and we fly for training only Cessna 172.

When you train with our school; you receive the same high-quality training selected by many of the world’s leading airlines and corporate flight departments for their active pilots. If you want to be a professional pilot, train where professional pilots train. You will be taught tough to the extreme in flying.
CAFS judges its success by your success. We want nothing more than to ensure you are the best and most professional pilot by the time you graduate. That’s why we provide comprehensive career assistance to graduates and alumni through a number of programs. In addition to one-on-one career planning and placement assistance, we offer workshops and seminars on interviewing techniques and résumé writing. Airexpat also sponsors a guest speaker series and informational meetings with aviation industry insiders. Furthermore, our Career center maintains a current list of job openings and a library of hiring requirements and applications for corporate/charter operators. We do this for one reason: to prepare you for the career you’ve always wanted. But you have to prove, you got quality training.
The CAFS setting offers several advantages, for your neighborhood flight school probably can’t provide. Because we are located in Mactan-Cebu Int’l Airport ,CEBU, you benefit from ideal flying weather year round, day and night. Furthermore, the club has the advantage of having a huge dedicated group of strategic partners where one of our branches is planning to buy our own airport(uncontrolled) in the island of Camotes, just 20mins flight from Cebu in our Bonanza A36.


Over 2,000 Members, Let’s See Why They Choose CAFS?

We are fully dedicated to keeping our customer trust by offering quality training and updates  latest information  after enrolment!

Quality Training

Cebu is the 7th best island destination in the world such as Mactan Island, Our flight training is based on strict standards implemented by ICAO and strictly, no shortcuts.We are committed more onto quality training than quantity.We are the only approved Flight School in the Philippines who use Flight School Management System from Australia.We are audited flying school with major Airlines from abroad.

Cheap Living Cost

  • Consumer Prices in Cebu City are 8.53% lower than in Manila City
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 45.41% lower than in United States
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 56.49% lower than in Japan
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 20.24% lower than in China
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 58.66% lower than in Singapore
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 14.59% lower than South Africa
  • Consumer Prices in Philippines are 44.71% lower than in Hong kong


  • Consumer Prices in Australia are 171.84% higher than in Philippines
  • Consumer Prices in Saudi Arabia are 46.38% higher than in Philippines
  • Consumer Prices in United Kingdom are 146.61% higher than in Philippines
  • Consumer Prices in New Zealand are 150.63% higher than in Philippines
  • Consumer Prices in South Korea are 114.77% higher than in Philippines