The CONTINENTAL AERO FLYING SCHOOL is  based at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (RPVM) of the Philippines and powered by personnel who are competent and excellent in the field of aeronautics and other  aspects of aviation; helps our students to attain their licenses from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

The School was granted a permit to operate as a Pilot School with CAAP (previous ATO) Air Agency Certificate No. 84-11. The flying school also graduated numerous number of pilots, both locals and  foreign nationals, who are serving/and had served major airliners around the globe.

We are operating under the supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines which is a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for which its rules and regulations are honoured by the member countries. The School has maintained healthy relationships to honour and train every pilot applicant and to achieve the goal of being a Commercial Pilot.

Founded in the year of 1980 and had visioned to provide special schemes to attain excellent education for aviators through the incorporation of Aviation English in order to achieve and tackle the responsibilities needed for the 21st century, an era of globalization. Dedicated to  train qualified students to enter an airline career with high degree of standards and morale. Our manpower is backed-up by professional pilots and instructors who will give the students an excellent understanding of every phases of ground and flight training instructions.

The School is properly organized to meet the needs of every student undergoing training under a well tailored training syllabus acceptable to every foreign and local civil aviation authorities. The company has the capability to train the student  with high level of accuracy and provide proper flying techniques.  The recent  ICAO and CAAP inspection that implemented stricter rules to all FBO’s and thoroughly audited most of the schools for having a well written training and procedures manual and syllabi. Surely this would be the greatest thing that happened to Philippine aviation industry which will soon upgrade the country to category #1 in Pilot training as more than 1000 international graduates pass out every year successfully.

 Fundamental Principles Gives You Power To Create Self Development.


Safety is paramount in all CAFS ground and flight operation!

Zero Accident

Zero accident is always the goal of CAFS. To achieve safety, Continental Aero Flying School ensures that their Instructors Pilots and Technical Crews are maintaining their proficiency at all times and conducts regular training to upgrade their skills.

Academic Excellence

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Make Your Training Stand Out

Continental Aero Flying School’s primary goal is to deliver quality instructions and maintain high academic standards. The School shall consistently seek the services of competent and dedicated faculty members. 


Lastly, efficiency is the end result to strict observance of operating limitations.

Build Training System

The School had visualised in becoming an academy in the development of successful aviators to meet the emerging global demand of the aviation industry in near future to contribute for developing standards in the world.

Major Elements of School Performance !

Fully insured 100%
Evaluation System 95%
Feed back 90%
Online Exmaination System 92%
Scenario-based Training 91%

CAAP certified instructors 100%
Progress Checks 93%
Computer-based instruction 95%
Safety Commitment 100%
Quality Management System 95%

Flight School Manager 98%
Communication Skills 92%
 Invoice Emailing System 96%
Customer Satisfaction 93%
Learning Management System  99%



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Welcome Air Niugini Auditor

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Welcome Air Niugini Auditor’s for visiting our School !!
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Half a million new pilots on China’s horizon

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